IPTN: Deep Conversations

I have been writing about the conference from the position of one who, although having performed Playback for many years, has attended only two Playback conferences, this being the first truly international one. In contrast, many of those who attended had attended several conferences, and friendships among them may go back scores of years. In … Continue reading IPTN: Deep Conversations

IPTN: Our Workshop

Our workshop provided an opportunity for directors, and individual performers, to think with us about disability, inclusion, and aesthetics. The time allotted to the workshop passed much too quickly as we engaged in a deep conversation about these difficult topics. One  of the most challenging aspects of any conversation about theater and disability is making … Continue reading IPTN: Our Workshop

IPTN: Conundrums and Burning Issues

Montreal was hazy, a thin layer of smoke hung over the city. Tens of thousands of aces of forest were ablaze in northern  Canada, and the smoke from those fires rode the westerlies to Montreal. Some days were worse than others, resulting in hacking coughs and burning eyes. At the conference, this haze was a … Continue reading IPTN: Conundrums and Burning Issues

IPTN: Making Room at the Table

Last week we were at the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) conference in Montreal, where along with marvelous summer festivals, the city was discussing the Oka crisis of twenty-five years ago. In a very familiar conversation, Federal and provincial governments were heralding the great improvement in their relations with First Nations people, while many Indigenous … Continue reading IPTN: Making Room at the Table