Writing: Challenging Colonizing Narratives

The other day a friend told me that she had decided to stop writing about her experience of extensive childhood trauma. She had spent months holed up in her tiny study, writing a couple, to several hours, each day. She was tired of retelling the same stories and could see no way forward into new … Continue reading Writing: Challenging Colonizing Narratives

Invasion Day

A bright, cold January day. Tomorrow another thaw. In a week or so we might get meaningful snow. Today is Australia Day down under. Not unlike July Fourth and Thanksgiving Day here in the US, it is a controversial day at best. Many Aboriginal people refer to the day as Invasion Day. Before the British … Continue reading Invasion Day

A Place for Stories

It is warmer today, the sun bright, a good day for sunglasses. A cutting breeze continues to blow. Yesterday the wind knifed right through all my layers, neutralizing the sharp rise in ambient temperature. When I went out to refill the back feeder this morning I was comfortable; I was also slowed by the deep … Continue reading A Place for Stories


It is clear off towards the lake, and cold. Clouds lie thick over the hill to our south, obscuring the sun for now. When it does appear, it will be the wan sun of the winter solstice. We are up and about, acknowledging the import of the day. Tomorrow night we will join with friends … Continue reading Solstice