It is clear off towards the lake, and cold. Clouds lie thick over the hill to our south, obscuring the sun for now. When it does appear, it will be the wan sun of the winter solstice.

We are up and about, acknowledging the import of the day. Tomorrow night we will join with friends and neighbors to honor the Ancestors and Grandfather Fire; this is always a highlight in our year. The winter solstice marks New Year on our calendar, as the sun begins his return with the promise of warmth and renewal.

At this time of year those conflicts in my blood between my Ancestors from the British Isles and those of Native descent are lessened as all turn towards the sun, low on the southern horizon, and long for a world of peace and abundance for all beings. For a few days my genes remember that all of our people were tribal, living close to the land, sea, and elements, and honoring the ancestors. For just a moment, it is as though they recognize they are more alike than different and can honor the deeper truth of Indigenous knowledge, and the sad truth of genocide and loss.

So let us light the fires of remembrance and gratitude, whether we live in the northern hemisphere or the southern (for it is the solstice!), and join our hearts and minds to honor those who gave us our lives, and the spirits of place and land that have witnessed the history of our families across unknown generations. May we embrace this moment of radiant darkness and renew our determination to care for all beings in all forms, and to create a future where all may live and thrive in peace.

14 thoughts on “Solstice

  1. I wish you a very blessed (retrospective) solstice from a very wintry Scotland! Thank you for this beautiful post, it’s always lovely to see how everything is connected…

    1. Thank you! Wintry here as well. Has snowed all day, with icing yet to come before more snow. Then deep cold next week. Tonight is a perfect night. We hear the driving is impossible….. May you and yours be warm and happy.

    2. I think we may be sharing some of t he winter weather. We’ve been stuck at around 0 degrees F for two weeks and no end in sight. It is too cold to have real snow but the snow cover we have is lovely and deep.

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