It is clear off towards the lake, and cold. Clouds lie thick over the hill to our south, obscuring the sun for now. When it does appear, it will be the wan sun of the winter solstice. We are up and about, acknowledging the import of the day. Tomorrow night we will join with friends … Continue reading Solstice

The Solstice Approaches

Today marks the third Sunday in Advent and the 6th night of Hanukkah. We awoke to birds at the feeder, evidence of light snow overnight, and just a hint of the sun behind cloud near the southern horizon. The temperature is 2 F and smoke from neighbors' chimneys slants gently towards the north, suggesting a … Continue reading The Solstice Approaches

Winter Solstice: Walking in Beauty

Today marks the solstice; here in the Northern Hemisphere days will now slowly lengthen. In years past we could anticipate strengthening cold would accompany the growing light. While that remains the case, the cold has grown more intermittent, as has the snow. Not enough cold air remains in the arctic to sustain the climate we … Continue reading Winter Solstice: Walking in Beauty

Advent: Before the Return of the Light

Today is dark, fitting the last day of Advent in the middle northern latitudes. Yesterday we had snow; now it is raining lightly and the temperature is again dropping towards freezing. Off to the west there is a hint of a break in the clouds. I am aware that by next Sunday the days will … Continue reading Advent: Before the Return of the Light