A Dream for Hard Times

A cool, dark day. Every now and then a scattering of raindrops fall among the spring blossoms.

We are living in hard times. So many are dying of Covid19, other illnesses, and hunger, deaths that might have been avoided by timely, compassionate action by our leaders. So many are frightened and desperate, and the young people worry for their future and that of our beloved planet.

During this time of mourning and fear, those same leaders are taking the opportunity created by our grief, fear, and our sheltering in place, to steal our public lands and poison our air and water. Many of the lands being given to the friends and cronies of our leaders are traditional Native lands. We might say these places of beauty and the sacred are now twice stolen.

It is not enough that our leaders hate all who are different from them, they despise Mother Earth. They are consciously destroying the world so as to enrich themselves and their allies beyond comprehension and without consideration of future generations.They are cannibal people, eating their children and our mother. Engulfed by their greed they refuse to acknowledge that we are already living in Paradise, that Pachamama offers us all we need if we only live wisely.

Perhaps our leaders hate Mother Earth because they fear the power of women, because they mistrust their mothers, partners and daughters. Perhaps their fear and anger come from a history of abuse, or maybe they arise from the harshness of the colonial paradigm. How are we to know given that the histories of colonialism and abuse are wound so very tightly together? We only know they are symptoms of a deep and pernicious illness.

Yet, even in our sadness and anger we celebrate that we are still here. We remember that our ancestors of many ethnicities and traditions have found a way to survive so that we might come into being. We have done the same for our children and grandchildren, and they will do so for the generations to come. Together we will build a strong dreaming. We will laugh and create, build communities of caring and generosity, and honor the land that gives us our lives.

As has done by untold generations we will continue to live with strong hearts and the shared fire of hope and vision. May we do so consciously and in solidarity so the Great Circle of All Creation is healed. May it indeed be so.


11 thoughts on “A Dream for Hard Times

  1. Heartbreaking what we have done. “Together we will build a strong dreaming. We will laugh and create, build communities of caring and generosity, and honor the land that gives us our lives.” I surely hope so.

      1. And I think it’s encouraged by those in a position to use their influence in a more positive way.

  2. Thanks once again for increasing my awareness and understanding of the Native perspective. The Achilles heal of capitalism is greed, and greed leads to exploitation, insensitivity and a lack of caring. I can understand your anger – maybe the same anger that I feel when I think about how women have been treated over centuries. Keep on writing, Michael, and stay safe and well.

    1. Hi, Pat,
      I imagine there are as many Native perspectives as there are Natives. We are a very diverse lot and I would not pretend to speak for everyone. My thoughts and opinions are my own. That said, I imagine we share a lot of indignation at the harm unfettered greed (not sure it can be fettered) does. The prospect going forward is pretty scary.

  3. A thought-provoking discussion, Micheal. It brought to mind a recent experience with students in one of the classes I worked with this past semester. In our last class, via Zoom, students were discussing the challenges they faced in social service agencies where they worked. Many noted that some staff members in their agencies treated clients in unnecessarily punitive ways, and some supervisors similarly mistreated staff and sowed discord among them. As I listened, the phrase “unresolved woundedness” came to mind. There are so many would-be healers who do not recognize the depth of the wounds they carry, wounding others in their need to exercise petty power that keeps vulnerable others below them. Times like these bring out both and best and worst qualities in people. I’m so grateful for the chance to work with students who choose creativity, critical reflection, and compassion…

    1. Carol,
      Both Jennie and I have been meeting with current and former students to talk about navigating difficult experiences and people during such challenging times. They share many of the traits you see in your students. It is so good to be able to join with them and see the work they do, and to offer support. It is indeed something for which we are grateful. I hope, and imagine, your students are also grateful. They mirror so much that you show to the world.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Michael, and for sharing information about the work you and Jennie are doing with former students. Our students will have difficult times to navigate, and the qualities and knowledge they have to share will be crucial!

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