Watery Dreaming

A dream:

Ours is a watery planet. Molecules of water carry memory and bind us to the tides and the cycles of the moon. We each hold all of earth’s memory, a gift from the water, although few of us unlock that knowing.

Water and sky and trees are one, made of the same stuff, woven together, in some way interchangeable. Take one away and the other two disappear as well. Take away the sky and the trees and water disappear quickly. Remove the trees and the sky and the earth becomes a dry, barren planet. Remove water and the trees pass into history and the sky is no longer blue.

Like the trees we are oceans, our skin the shore containing the sea. If our skin ruptures we soon die as the sea escapes us.

Because we are water, we are crystal beings, as are all life forms on our planet.  The easiest way to understand this is to observe the crystalline matrices of ice, water solidified, its structure made visible.

We and the trees, water, and sky are one. Our experiences of separation, while potent, are illusory. As long as there is water we are all one.

5 thoughts on “Watery Dreaming

    1. Hi Carol,
      As always, it is lovely to hear from you. This task of writing to pry open some space in occupied territory remains daunting, eh? I often wonder whether I am making a difference.

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