Honoring Grandmother Water

Maine_ShoreSummer has passed; autumn begins Tuesday. For now we live in the gap between climate and astronomy. Here in Northern New England autumn jumps well ahead of the sun; spring usually lags behind. Fall is often a time of water, the autumn rains refilling the lakes and aquifers for winter. In the cycle of the Medicine Wheel it is the time of Water, Emotion, and Dreaming.

The fall has been dry so far, the gardens need rain. Many gardeners around the region will likely see the growing season end tomorrow night. Here, right up against the warmth of the lake, the killing frost is often much delayed. Our garden have some time before the first freeze comes sometime in October, and rain would be most welcome. Continue reading

Rainy Early Autumn Day

Rain Storm over Lake ChamplainThe Autumn rains have come, drenching the landscape. In the next few days we will return to the heat and humidity of summer, then, following a brief interlude, plunge deeper into Fall. We are in the early stages of the year’s decline into rest and chill. In a couple of weeks folks all over the Northern Hemisphere will gather to mark the turning year and the Autumn Equinox. Continue reading

Jesus, Vision and Prophecy in the Americas

One would be hard pressed to overstate the influence of visionary experience on Native peoples in the Americas. The same might be said for the impact of Jesus, and to a lesser extent, Christianity. Maybe these strong influence arises from the nearness of the Other World. I imagine this is similar to the ancient relationship between Celtic peoples and Christianity. While I contain both heritages, for this post I will be focusing on the Americas. Continue reading