The Soul of Country

"....Country is figured as infant. Country is starving without care. Country can only remain fertile, productive if in fact it is looked after, tended to, fed, properly. And that means work. Ritual, ceremony, what Warlpiri call in English 'business', is a labour of lifetime attachment. Ancestors are dependent on humans for the making and keeping … Continue reading The Soul of Country

Richly Storied Places

Indigenous people give value and preference to story. Stories arise from place; it is often said they come from the land, but it is more accurate to say they arise from places, which might include the water. Seafaring peoples depend on water for food and commerce, and many speak about the ocean as a First … Continue reading Richly Storied Places

Deep Listening for Reconciliation Week

Another lovely, cool day, sky a fine blue with a thin haze. The irises are blooming! This is Reconciliation Week in Australia. In honor of this, I offer these exceptional posts as a sharing. These three stories highlighting the challenges and gifts of Aboriginal Australia. They are simultaneously unique, and common to many Indigenous communities … Continue reading Deep Listening for Reconciliation Week