What kind Of Future Do We Want?

A lovely June morning, filled with dazzling light. The irises and peoples are abloom! As I have watched events unfurl around the country I have been think about how the failures of several administrations have created the current emergencies. I think sometimes that the last truly caring president was Jimmy Carter. That seems like a … Continue reading What kind Of Future Do We Want?

Words Are Medicine

We are in a windy, sun saturated weather pattern, with chilly nights and warm days. The gardens need rain. I have been participating in a couple of groups that are organized around discussing politics. I enjoy the time with folks who are perhaps slowly becoming friends.; I am also struggling as I find the conversations … Continue reading Words Are Medicine

Letter to the Settler Community During Hard Times

A chilly, windy, soggy few days. Birds are flocking the feeder. We participate in a few European-American dominated discussion groups, all of which have now moved online. In each I find that whenever I try to bring Native issues and experience into the conversation I am met with literal silence. Inevitably the conversation is immediately … Continue reading Letter to the Settler Community During Hard Times