Advent: Holding Fast to a Good Dream for the World

Today dawned chilly and bleak, with a skiff of snow on the garden walkways. Now the clouds are thinning and there is the promise of sun late in the day. The calendar page has turned and we find ourselves firmly in December. The birds and squirrels have made themselves at home at the feeder, and … Continue reading Advent: Holding Fast to a Good Dream for the World

Paris In Winter

Yesterday, while at the university library, I chanced upon a lovely book of prose and watercolors with the beguiling title, Paris In Winter. In its pages, the author, David Coggins, takes the reader through several winter vacations in the great city. Along the way we discover that David and his wife, Wendy, have been traveling … Continue reading Paris In Winter

What Coyote Might Teach Us

Yesterday we took down most of our Christmas decorations, including the small Nativity set which consists mostly of an array of animals, both wild and domestic, that surround a manger and child. The idea behind the tableau is the ancient circumpolar Indigenous knowing that the animals welcome us at birth, and support us throughout our … Continue reading What Coyote Might Teach Us