Winter Solstice: Walking in Beauty

Solstice_GardenToday marks the solstice; here in the Northern Hemisphere days will now slowly lengthen. In years past we could anticipate strengthening cold would accompany the growing light. While that remains the case, the cold has grown more intermittent, as has the snow. Not enough cold air remains in the arctic to sustain the climate we depend on. There is no real doubt that our climate is dramatically, and rapidly, warming; there has been no true debate about this since the early eighties.  Continue reading


Vermont SumacThroughout my life I have been lucky enough to have elders around who took pleasure in greeting each day. They would say something like, “Today is a good day. I awoke and realized the Creator has given me another day of life. I am grateful.”

One of those elders was a man named Luther Rackley. Luther was 88 years old when I knew him. His family had settled the ranch he owned in the mountains of northern New Mexico sometime around 1915. I was the foreman of the small ranch next door, and I offered to be of use whenever he needed me. Luther was an exceedingly kind and gracious man who regularly literally rode me into the ground as we went about our work. Continue reading