Today dawned cloudy and dank, and has proven to be one of those classic raw November days that grace northern New England. There is the hint of snow to come, although the weather service promises there will be none today. Early this morning Jennie and I went out to The Parkway, one of our favorite … Continue reading Advent

A Walk In Autumn Woods

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I was deeply engaged in desire: adventurous, playful art and love making. Yesterday morning I went for a walk in the autumn woods. The trees in the woods were maybe at 50% color. There was just enough sun to bring out their glow, especially at wood's edges. … Continue reading A Walk In Autumn Woods

High Summer

Heat and humidity have settled in for the week, and severe storms are rumbling around just to our south. The Air Conditioning in our office is overwhelmed and the office is steamy.  In the fields, many species of wildflowers are blooming. This is high summer in Vermont.One of the plants that came into bloom this … Continue reading High Summer