Bright Beings

It's cold; there can be no doubt of that. And wet, although today has been drier; we even had a bit of sunshine this morning. The forecast is for a nor'easter this weekend with s very cold rain instead of snow. A couple of days ago I read a post on the blog,  A New … Continue reading Bright Beings

Illness, Disability, and Servitude

Today is cool and rainy and the garden seems grateful. Although we are now into June, the songbirds greeted the rain this morning with noisy jubilation. Friday I attended an ethics conference that sought to address ethical concerns of mental health professionals. As too often happens, the presenters seemed more concerned with legal issues than … Continue reading Illness, Disability, and Servitude

Following The Medicine

It's New Years Eve and I'm watching flurries come in off the lake, coat the trees, then give way to periods of sun and scattered cloud. Beautiful! Also cold; it's in the teens Fahrenheit. Not real comfortable out, especially in the shade and breeze. I'm thinking about the changing year, and the way some things … Continue reading Following The Medicine

Disability and Medicine

I've been thinking about disability and Medicine. Somehow the idea came into my head that being disabled and doing the work of Medicine are incomparable. This idea certainly did not come from my teachers. In fact, some of them were quite ill. Truth is, illness and disability have never disqualified healers in my view. Rather, … Continue reading Disability and Medicine