Following The Medicine

Winter_SunsetIt’s New Years Eve and I’m watching flurries come in off the lake, coat the trees, then give way to periods of sun and scattered cloud. Beautiful! Also cold; it’s in the teens Fahrenheit. Not real comfortable out, especially in the shade and breeze.

I’m thinking about the changing year, and the way some things seem to stay the same.  Yesterday, a poet acquaintance of mine sent along a poem that set me to thinking about stereotyping and fear, certainly themes this year in North America. Sadly, the poem was written in 1995, yet could have been penned yesterday. Reading the poem, it occurred to me that we may benefit from considering what makes us uncomfortable. I get the sense that the New Age sees The Medicine and those who work with it as all about comfort and optimism. Yet often The Medicine points us in the direction of that which is repressed and rejected, suggesting meaning and  joy may be found in that which is feared, rejected, or erased. Continue reading

Disability and Medicine

Tidal_MarshI’ve been thinking about disability and Medicine. Somehow the idea came into my head that being disabled and doing the work of Medicine are incomparable. This idea certainly did not come from my teachers. In fact, some of them were quite ill.

Truth is, illness and disability have never disqualified healers in my view. Rather, I have marveled at their perseverance and compassion for themselves and others. So this notion of being disqualified is an enigma. Continue reading