The Medicine Wheel: Learning to Walk

The fog is burning off. Being March, it is warm one day and cold another; rain, sun, and snow take turns moving across the landscape. Sunday marks the Vernal Equinox, a time for remembering to walk in balance. Of course, this walking is no easy task. When we watch children learn to walk, we notice … Continue reading The Medicine Wheel: Learning to Walk

The Medicine Wheel: Empathy

As I age I am becoming ever more appreciative of the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel teachings. As a result, I find I am increasingly looking for ways to incorporate them into my work, whether that be therapy, teaching, or traditional healing. This morning Jennie and I awoke very early, and were soon conversing about … Continue reading The Medicine Wheel: Empathy

Teaching the Medicine Wheel

Tuesday my class met with Alicia Daniels from the University of Vermont. Alicia is a field naturalist who has devoted many years studying with Indigenous healers, and to understanding the Medicine Wheel. Now she respectfully shares its teachings with students and elders. We met in my classroom, then, needing a place to construct the wheel … Continue reading Teaching the Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel: Into the West

This evening marks the Autumn Equinox. As is our custom, we will gather with friends to note the changing seasons, to explore our journey around the Medicine Wheel, and to express gratitude to Mother Earth and Grandmother Water. For the past several years the equinox has preceded the first frosts, a lived experience of climate … Continue reading Medicine Wheel: Into the West