Radical Empathy

We are enjoying the deep snow from our first real storm in two years. The next week or two will be uber warm, but today is lovely, and today, tonight, and tomorrow feature more snow! I awoke this morning thinking about the vigilante mentality that seems to pervade our time. There are any number of … Continue reading Radical Empathy

The Medicine Wheel: Empathy

As I age I am becoming ever more appreciative of the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel teachings. As a result, I find I am increasingly looking for ways to incorporate them into my work, whether that be therapy, teaching, or traditional healing. This morning Jennie and I awoke very early, and were soon conversing about … Continue reading The Medicine Wheel: Empathy

Facing Difficult Truths

Recently we attend a talk by a well-known physician who has contributed much to international human rights efforts. This person has recently returned  to his post at Harvard University, after a lengthy stint as Director of  a human rights related NGO. In the past, he proved on-the-ground medical services to Indigenous rebels in Central America. … Continue reading Facing Difficult Truths