Ethics and the Healer

Summer!Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a lovely day in the neighborhood…..Today is warm and sunny, a good day to clean the beach, and later today, neighbors will gather to do that.

Yesterday we attended an ethics training, one of those gatherings mandated for, and, often, dreaded by, licensed professionals. Continue reading

The Moral Dilemmas of Being

The following thoughts build on the previous post and the thoughtful comments left by kind readers.

I’ve been reminded recently that psychotherapy and shamanism share an essential concern with the patient as an inhabitant of, and participant in, a moral universe. Often, we humans struggle to negotiate that universe, finding ourselves wrestling with any number of  ethical quandaries. All to frequently, all options available to us bear troublesome implications. This is a problem T.S. Eliot noted, probably following Freud. Eliot wrote, “man cannot bear very much realty.” Continue reading