This “I”

A lovely late spring day, bright and cheerful. We've come to that time in spring when we need moisture. The trees and other plants have leafed out, dramatically increasing the transport of moisture from the soil. It has also been rather windy which contributes to the drying of the soil, and the risk of wildfires … Continue reading This “I”

Minding Ecosystems

This afternoon began sunny but turned cloudy and raw. Tomorrow is forecast to reach 80F for the first time in many months. Perhaps a walk will be in order during a break at the office. The world is awakening. The willow has turned a fine yellow and the maples are budding bright red. Our croci … Continue reading Minding Ecosystems


The day dawned cold with a mix of sun and cloud. Now the late morning light is dimmed by a thickening overcast. Friday's snow has melted as has most of the ice on the lakes and rivers, and we seem on the cusp of spring. Even though the light is at best marginal, I spent … Continue reading Re-Enchantment

Landscapes of Identity, Part One

This morning we are greeted by thick cloud; this following evening rain. Yesterday we experienced another record warm afternoon, an all too frequent event this long autumn. One of the side effects of this protracted warmth is the allergy season has been unusually severe. I've taken to wearing suspenders! Looking in the mirror this morning … Continue reading Landscapes of Identity, Part One