An Early May Morning

A lovely, sunlit day. Last night a there were few showers amidst a chorus of spring peepers.

Spring is definitely here, although cold is forecast to return late week. We have new bird species at the feeder and plants are coming up in the garden. The squirrels seem determined to drive away the birds and harvest the new plants; hopefully we can limit their ambitions and damage. Slowly, trees are leafing out in a wide range of colors and hues. The progress of spring leaf out is like a greenish, more subtle version of fall color change.

We are in week unknown of shelter at home; everyday and week runs into the last. Like many of you, we’ve both been on teleconference calls most days, often several meetings in a day, and we are beginning to have no ability to focus. Zoom is both a blessing and a burden, and after weeks of computer based contact my brain has simply stopped processing.  Getting out for walks, one quite long and lovely, over the weekend helped. Still, there is something so alien about ONLY interacting via screens!

Yesterday we tried to walk along the shore in New Bedford, but there were many people out and about without masks, so we hung out for a few minutes on the relatively empty beach, then come back home. Earlier in the day Jennie managed to conduct our bimonthly shopping at one of the local groceries, amidst hordes of people who were both unmasked and refusing to distance. We are trying to keep both of us safe and are finding the local community increasingly refusing to follow safety guidelines; this does not bode well given our town’s Covid numbers are still rising. Certainly the sudden warmth has not helped as I suspect pretty much everyone is desperate for a moment of normalcy in the sun.

I find large clumps of people congregating without taking any care to protect themselves or others, especially against the background of new infections, nightmarish. How disconcerting that people are threatening violence in demand of the freedom to infect others! It does not help that we have a government that keeps raising the NECESSARY number of dead and ill, while continuing to dismantle our meager social safety net including Social Security and Medicare, all in the name of economic necessity. The world appears to be run by mad people! And the greed! It’s like a frenzy of sharks out there!

In spite of all this we try to take time to work in the studio, walk in nature, and meditate. It is good to make room for the small voices of the spirits and Creator. It is good to recover a sense of self and belonging, and to be with our family and communities, if abet virtually. Now, when there are so many dehumanizing forces at play in the world, these things are more important than ever.

It feels good to check in. Please tell me: ow are you faring? What is on your mind these days?

24 thoughts on “An Early May Morning

  1. I cannot read much more than a blog post, Michael. No books. Podcasts work for me. But my brain is utterly exhausted. We will heal this, I hope.

      1. I have read poetry books and that seems good. But long form, I just cannot seem to concentrate or keep interest, Michael. Good luck!

  2. I find it surprising how short a time people can last without their normal. To me it feels almost as though this has just begun, not a time to be talking about getting rid of restrictions.

  3. I know that all American Navives (north, south) have been confronted with terrible diseases brought by Europeans. I can only imagine the suffering, the sorrow. That makes me so sad!
    Now the whole world must face this pandemic!
    My question is: can this disease bring people together?
    In France, we must all stay at home. We have fewer cases. But next Monday, many children will go to school and parents will go to work. I don’t believe that France is ready, but as you say, the world appears to be run by mad people!
    I am afraid of the post epidemic.
    I feel that something is brewing, but it is difficult to understand what…

    1. Collette, It is so hard to know the future. We can do our best to create the futures we want, knowing that we have no control.
      Certainly the pandemic is far from over and the virus most likely will return. Hopefully there will be a reprieve for the summer, but here in the States that is far from certain.
      Governments in many countries are using the virus to enact truly terrible laws; we shall see if their citizens force change for the better.
      Be well and safe.

  4. I agree. The world most humans live in seems quite nuts at present. I find meditating, walking in nature and quietly working in my studio area keeps me happy. It seems insane that so many are pressing to get back out there when thevirus is still rampant and there is no cure. I read an article in The Guardian newspaper yesterday which said independent analysts have found that many of the memes and messages on social media protesting against the lockdown have been created by bots and trolls.

      1. Yes, it’s very strange and confusing. The idea tht it’s coming from greed is the most sensible explanation I’ve heard. Thanks.

      2. Yes, our current system has rewarded personal greed. I hope people begin to shift that mindset in the near future.

  5. Sorry. I should have said ‘spread by bots’. Just where they have been created is unknown though there is some evidence they may have come from Russia.

  6. Phew! What a time, as you so eloquently described in your post. I’m sure you’ve seen that bald-headed bearded man in Michigan screaming at the police officers. I am hoping something good will come out of this, that we will wake up and finally decide that a strong social safety net is worth funding. But, of course, there is no guarantee, and it seems that things hang in the balance right now. In our small corner of Maine, we are doing well. We are ordering most things online along with paying for a service called Instacart, where we order things from local stores and they are delivered to our very own house. Back to the future, as this was done a lot in the old days—at least in Maine—when not everyone had a car. Anyway, the fee per month is reasonable, and even with a very generous tip it is an affordable way to safely get groceries. Never thought we would be doing this. Clif and I are a couple who pretty much does everything for ourselves unless it’s a big, big job. But these are not usual times. Stay safe, be well.

    1. Laurie,
      Here our attempts to have food delivered have not gone well, so Jennie goes grocery shopping every two weeks or so. This is far from ideal but one must eat. We have strictly limited take out food and encouraged other family members to be careful as they need us to be able to spend time with them. It is all a bit of a gamble…..
      Do be well and enjoy the spring as it moves across the landscape.

      1. Oh, dear! We’ve had very good luck with food deliveries. I suppose it must depend on the area in which you live. But yes, you must eat. And I’m sure Jennie is taking the right precautions. Stay safe, be well. Spring is here. We can rejoice in that.

  7. It looks like we in the U.K. are on course to have the highest death toll in Europe, but I fear we will still be some way behind you. I try to focus on the less publicised figure of people who are recovering.

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