Art and Spirituality in Difficult Times

Being spring the rain comes every other day, encouraging the sugar ants to come into the house where they create long lines. I've been watching a series of discussions among artists from around the world. The conversations focus on being an artist in this time of Coved19, and are sponsored by the Martin E. Segal … Continue reading Art and Spirituality in Difficult Times

“Witnessing: Against Our Vanishing”, Revisited

Today is one of those perfect early summer Vermont days, complete with warm breezes, bright sunlight, and dazzling blue skies. Our yard is a profusion of color as the perennials all burst wildly into bloom at once. The woods are thick with brilliantly green leaves, and owls now hoot insistently well into the evening twilight. … Continue reading “Witnessing: Against Our Vanishing”, Revisited

Arts As Alternative Practices

Well, I inadvertently published this before it was ready. Here is the finished version. Yesterday began cloudy before settling into a brightly sunlit afternoon. Today is gray and chilly with rain on the way. Our snow and ice have largely disappeared although I am told it is still quite icy in the deep woods. Out … Continue reading Arts As Alternative Practices

Rising UP: Where Disability and Colonialism Meet

It has been quite a while since I last posted. Much of our snow pack has melted, the days have lengthened considerably, and the outside world shows signs of awakening to spring. In the sugar bush, the maple sap has been running intermittently and here and there farmers have begun to boil. A couple of … Continue reading Rising UP: Where Disability and Colonialism Meet