Rising UP: Where Disability and Colonialism Meet

It has been quite a while since I last posted. Much of our snow pack has melted, the days have lengthened considerably, and the outside world shows signs of awakening to spring. In the sugar bush, the maple sap has been running intermittently and here and there farmers have begun to boil. A couple of … Continue reading Rising UP: Where Disability and Colonialism Meet

Intersectionality, Shamanism, and Disability

This morning is a wet, gray, damp fleece of a morning. I awoke, in the middle of the night, to the sound of sleet and freezing rain striking the skylight; I could hear the intermittent "pings" even without my hearing aids. Now the world wears an icy coating, although the temperature has risen and as … Continue reading Intersectionality, Shamanism, and Disability


A lovely winter's day, clouds slowly lowering and promising snow. Over the lake fog has formed, largely blocking the mountains on the far side. I grew up in rural Illinois. During winter we had plenty of ice, snow, and cold but seldom was the cold intolerable. Indeed, we were outside in most weathers, the exception … Continue reading Cold

Art and Psychotherapy as Pathways to Healing

Another record hot day is likely today. It seems like this summer has had at least one record warm day each week, so last week's fall preview was a welcome reprieve form the unrelenting heat. The promised rains from Florence are going south, once again leaving us dry. The maple tree down the street has … Continue reading Art and Psychotherapy as Pathways to Healing