This Is How It Is For Me

The day began, as many have of late, in deep fog. Now there is ample sun and warmth, the light literally bouncing off the leaves. The summer solstice occurred Saturday late afternoon in the Northern Hemisphere. We gathered with friends virtually last evening to share ceremony and conversation. Grief was present as we struggled to … Continue reading This Is How It Is For Me

Moving into Advent

Thanksgiving has passed. The early morning sunlight has disappeared behind glowering skies; the forecast snowstorm will be rain. The studio where I write is chilly, having been largely unused for the past few days. BY the time it truly warms up I will be on to other things. This Thanksgiving the ghost of settlers past … Continue reading Moving into Advent


A rainy day; a light, wet snow falling briefly near dusk. Also falling was the temperature, from low sixties this morning to 31F now. The new house seems to hold heat pretty well, but the damp and chill worked its way inside as the day progressed. Here in the studio the thermostat near the door … Continue reading Bonfires