Hong Kong: Day Four

Hong Kong from ZooToday is day four in Hong Kong. Yesterday we had breakfast with A colleague of Jennie’s on Hong Kong Island , then walked through the botanical and zoological gardens. As is true for most of Hong Kong, the gardens are on a terraced hillside, requiring much walking up and downhill, a journey of many stairs. 

We then walked down several flights of stairs towards the Metro. Near the park at the foot of the hill, Jennie noticed a #104 bus passing. We located the bus stop, and took a bus back through the tunnel under the bay to near our hotel. We even managed to get off at the correct stop.

I had thought to be in touch with some of you who have stopped by theAviary blog to check in, “like”, or “follow”, but fatigue, hunger, and the need to prep for my workshop took over. I hope to get back to you before too many days pass.

Last evening was the first for my workshop, “Re-Storying Disability”. Both Jennie’s and my workshops are full, which means we have about eighteen participants when everyone is present. Last evening, as had been true for Jennie’s first evening on Thursday, the mood was playful, engaged, and tired. Most participants came to the workshop after a full day of work.

We are teaching separate five-day workshops in the Training the Trainers Program at ADA. The workshops meet on alternate days. Ideally, this means that we can support one another’s  work. However, I discovered this morning I was too tired to be of much use, so returned to the hotel after lunch to prepare for tomorrow’s full day workshop, and promptly fell asleep.

Both of our workshops chart new territory for us. In my case, this means integrating what I know of Narrative and Just therapies with ideas I have about the needs of disabled persons, particularly artists. In part, this necessitates extending and questioning normative concepts, definitions, and ideas about Disability. Both our first days were very fine, and Jennie’s workshop seemed to keep gaining momentum this morning.

I must admit to some anxiety and excitement about teaching seven hours of newly developed material in the workshop tomorrow. We shall see how it all goes.

One thought on “Hong Kong: Day Four

  1. Michael! I am sending lots of Creator`s energy and light! I know you have the spirit and guidance from a Greater Spirit so I am sure that your workshop today is flowing smoothly! Best wishes to both you and Jenny!

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