Dreaming, Elders, and the Languague of the Land

For the past couple of weeks the Elders have been visiting me in my dreams on a regular basis. The other night they came, showing me charts of climate change and speaking about our contemporary loss of languages with which to interact with the Land. “Who are you,” they asked, “if you can’t speak with the Land?” “How can you possibly hope to understand your life if you have no language that roots you in Place?”

The elders had charts. On these charts global temperatures were rising an average of just .06 degrees F., annually. I shrugged my shoulders and wondered why they were concerned. They responded, “Do the math!” I did the math. At that rate of increase, global temperatures would rise 6 degrees F. in a century. Yet the rate of increase is not stable;  it is quickening.

From their point of view, our loss of language for place equates to the loss of our essential humanity. They suggested we have rejected our rootedness in the world, and with it, our capacity to understand ourselves as Immense Beings, connected to all life, and responsible for Life’s continuity. We have adapted a language of isolation, separation, and consumption. We are a lost age.

Of course, we are not TOTALLY cut off from our deep roots in Creation. After all, the Elders are still visiting and coaching us, encouraging us to awaken to the Living Earth of which we are both autonomous parts and a fully connected expression. We might yet remember the languages of the places where we live and love. We might, they suggested, soothe the fever in which we rant and rage, and the Earth burns. We might even remember who we truly are and become Real People.

Have you been visited by the Elders recently? Will you share their teachings with us?

7 thoughts on “Dreaming, Elders, and the Languague of the Land

  1. Michael: Truly inspiring and prophetic dreams! I have had similar dreams from the ancestors. Gaia is truly weeping! I fear that we are asleep and that it is too late for us. I only pray that we will wake up and begin to make the needed transformation in consciousness before it is too late.

    Thanks you for your wise words.


  2. Man I have had Dreams and seen things and heard them! LOL No im not psychotic lol as many may think saying this kind of stuff! I hear things in my head like messages etc etc! GOING to ULURU was the best thing I could do to confirm what was happening for me! Its all good and I am now moving from where I live here on the coast ( overlooking the pacific ocean) to inland and up high on the New England Ranges as I had an awful premonition as well the water was rising and it was going to happen quickly and so NOW I want to move.. Who leaves paradise for HICKSVILLE! ME….. to save my life! THanks for Tagging my story and I really appreciate what you wrote when you wrote about me… I felt very special indeed – cheers heaps for that.

    1. Thank you. I know you are passionately engaged the life of the Earth and your interior life. I often wonder whether we adults must face adversity before we area ware of the sacredness of the moment and the fragility and resilience of life. Maybe we must become, like you, poets.

  3. I am thankful that the Elders visit me. I believe there is still time to save Mother Earth and ourselves. If all of us consumed a little less, recycled a little more, and quit using the fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides that poison the land and the water we would all be healthier.

    Issue 1 2012 Nature Conservancy has an excellent article about how the Nature Conservancy is working with the Australian government and Aboriginal communities to return some of the Aboriginal clans to their homelands in order to heal the land. For more information visit http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/australia/explore/fish-river-station.xml.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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