The Power of Story

Fall: Windy FieldWe have arrived at mid-November. Here in Vermont that usually means cloudy skies and little light. This morning, for the first time this fall, there is a skiff of snow on the cars. Over the weekend we nestled in beside the warmth of the wood stove. With the advent of cold, dreary, weather, and soon, the Holidays, it seems a good time to ponder story.

Stories shape our perception and understanding of the world. I’ve been thinking a good deal about White Buffalo Calf Woman and her message of Peace, and the unity of the Sacred Hoop, a teaching that arrived in difficult times. Ultimately, she proposed, when we harm any being we harm all. That said, we have to eat and be clothed against winter’s bite. Thus, she presents us with the paradox of the inevitability of doing harm.  The problem is partially solved when the Animal People offer themselves to our hunters. We are allowed to end their lives so that we may live, as long as we do so in a grateful, sacred manner. She invites us to remember that all beings have souls and spirits, and desire a long, rich life just as we do. (This post was inspired by a painting and post from Gretchen Del Rio.) Continue reading

Killing of White Buffalo Has Continuing Impacts

NativeNews Network reports:

It has been almost three weeks since he discovered his beloved white buffalo, Lightening Medicine Cloud, slaughtered when he returned to his Lakota Ranch in Texas from a trip to Oklahoma City.

Not only was Lightening Medicine Cloud killed and skinned, Little Soldier discovered the white buffalo’s mother wounded in a pasture near a pond by a poisonous arrow. The buffalo died the night she was discovered….

(Little Soldier is quoted in the article:)

“A lot has happened in a short period of time. There is still an investigation taking place to find those responsible for killing Lightening Medicine Cloud and his mother. I decided to pray about this. I really want those responsible to be caught first. I really am afraid if word gets out there is another white buffalo on the ranch, they may come back and kill him too.”

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White Buffalo Calf Donated to Replace Murdered Calf!

Green Mountain reports that an Oregon rancher has donated a white buffalo calf and mother to symbolically replace the pair killed recently in Texas.

“DALLAS — An Oregon peacemaker said she’s so upset by the apparent slaughter of a rare white buffalo calf —deemed “the hope of all nations” by a Lakota Sioux rancher last year — that her organization is donating a white buffalo bull from its herd.

Arby Little Soldier, who owns the Lakota Ranch near the North Texas town of Greenville, said he had hoped the 3,000-pound gift would arrive during a memorial celebration this weekend that was initially intended to celebrate Lightning Medicine Cloud’s first birthday, which was May 12. The calf was found dead nearly two weeks ago.”

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