Killing of White Buffalo Has Continuing Impacts

NativeNews Network reports:

It has been almost three weeks since he discovered his beloved white buffalo, Lightening Medicine Cloud, slaughtered when he returned to his Lakota Ranch in Texas from a trip to Oklahoma City.

Not only was Lightening Medicine Cloud killed and skinned, Little Soldier discovered the white buffalo’s mother wounded in a pasture near a pond by a poisonous arrow. The buffalo died the night she was discovered….

(Little Soldier is quoted in the article:)

“A lot has happened in a short period of time. There is still an investigation taking place to find those responsible for killing Lightening Medicine Cloud and his mother. I decided to pray about this. I really want those responsible to be caught first. I really am afraid if word gets out there is another white buffalo on the ranch, they may come back and kill him too.”

Read the article.

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