A Gulf

Today is cool and dry, a sharp contrast to the weekend's heat, humidity, storms, and flooding. This morning I joined a group of truly lovely people for breakfast. The group is loosely organized around liberal politics and is deeply grounded in the members' caring about other people and the environment. The conversation focused on the … Continue reading A Gulf

“Witnessing: Against Our Vanishing”, Revisited

Today is one of those perfect early summer Vermont days, complete with warm breezes, bright sunlight, and dazzling blue skies. Our yard is a profusion of color as the perennials all burst wildly into bloom at once. The woods are thick with brilliantly green leaves, and owls now hoot insistently well into the evening twilight. … Continue reading “Witnessing: Against Our Vanishing”, Revisited

Arts As Alternative Practices

Well, I inadvertently published this before it was ready. Here is the finished version. Yesterday began cloudy before settling into a brightly sunlit afternoon. Today is gray and chilly with rain on the way. Our snow and ice have largely disappeared although I am told it is still quite icy in the deep woods. Out … Continue reading Arts As Alternative Practices