A dark, chilly day following a day and night of rain. It is a great day to plant bushes!

We’ve been hunkered in, still working and doing what we can to support friends and family. I’m committed to be of use, but given I am still dealing with fatigue, I cannot do as much as I would like.

I keep have the strange experience of waking up and imagining we are living in 1840. I can see why my dad’s family took the position that while much had changed, nothing had changed. Indeed, governments seem determined to use the current crisis to disenfranchise as many people as possible. Here in Massachusetts the Federal government seems hell bent on destroying the Waponaog nation, apparently to benefit a Republican donor.

At the same time, many people are practicing kindness and generosity. The contrast between politicians promoting hatred of minorities, including Natives and other persons of color, and those of us with disabilities, and that many people showing compassion and valor is enormous. So we muddle on, half the population seemingly incapable of seeing the evil that the government is doing, a small proportion even applauding it.

For those of us who were taught that the Creator holds everyone as sacred, the world is indeed a strange and disquieting place. It seems filled with echos of plagues and genocides recently passed or ongoing.

As I wiriness the inability of so many to feel and hear the echos I am left speechless.


4 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. Yes, Michael. Your information about what is going on in Mass. is really hard for me to get my head around. They really are living in the 17th and 18tth centuries.

  2. Oh Michael, I agree with you.
    This world is hard to comprehend–as you say ‘a strange and disquieting place.”
    I am having a hard time coping with what is going on now.There are no words that can even adequately explain what I am seeing around me during this ‘pandemic.’ Some people are helping others, some people are sneaking food out of other people’s shopping carts at the grocery store.
    Like the old “Twillight Zone” series–WHAT is happening? I am not sure.
    I feel tired and sad. And worried.

    1. Mary, tired and worried seems to be the norm for many of us! Yes, exactly like the Twilight Zone! I suspect things will become more chaotic. Do take care and be as safe as you are able.

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