Sunday Morning

Autumn_DriveAfter months of unseasonably warm temperatures and drought, Thursday the chill and rain came, causing one local meteorologist to write, “Finally, Fall!”.

Yesterday we drove down to Dartmouth College for a conference. Although the drive was wet, and took longer than we had planned, we enjoyed the foliage, which at the lower elevations was brilliant, even in the soggy, dark conditions. Returning home, we noticed the rain had used our absence to strip the leaves from many trees. Impressive! Continue reading

Paul Zaloom at the Flynn: Whiteness and Invisibility

Hayfields, Lake Champlain ValleyLast night I went to the Flynn Space, the small black-box performance space at the Flynn Center, to see the world premiere of Paul Zaloom‘s, White Like Me: A Honky Dory Puppet Show. The Flynn was one of the co-commissioners for the piece. Earlier in the day I had participated in a found object puppetry workshop led by Paul; I’ve written about that elsewhere.

Usually Paul’s work  is playful, creative, deeply thought-provoking, and outrageously funny. White Like Me proved no exception, and I found myself laughing my way through the evening. Continue reading