Held by All-That-Is

It is good to situate ourselves within All-That-Is, understand ourselves as part of Creation, and give a sacred context to our lives. To live in relation to All-That-Is is to reside in the unfathomable and holy immensity of the universe. It is to be part of, and held by, a great unfolding mystery. It is … Continue reading Held by All-That-Is

Indra’s Web, Part Two: Psyche and Nature

The metaphor of Indra's Web works for both cosmos and psyche. Our inner, imaginal worlds, and the external world are, when healthy, unimaginably rich in complexity and diversity. This post focuses on the inner world of mind. I have recently written about an initiation. Initiation: On Being Introduced to the Spirits. The initiation took place … Continue reading Indra’s Web, Part Two: Psyche and Nature