A Break From The News

P1060147I’ve been thinking about the oppressive nature of the news.  I can certainly understand why medicine people used to live in the most inaccessible parts of the res. If the news was important enough to share, one had to travel a good ways to do so, then find the person who might just have gone for a long walk. Being out on the edge of things provided some protection against rumor, gossip, and distraction. Continue reading

Notable Blogs 11/19/2010

November is a month for remembrance, reading Native literature, and preparing the way for peace, even as we acknowledge the costs of war, genocide, and environmental degradation. As we remember the past, and express gratitude for our blessings, the following writers encourage us also to look to the work ahead.

Siouxhudsonliteracy asks that, in this month of remembrance, we remember the many First Nations warriors who have fought for their countries in the wars of the last century: Continue reading