May Grace Touch You

Today is one of those grumpy late fall days, the sort of day where the sun competes with cloud, the wind howls, and the temperature is way too warm for the date. The leaves have already rapidly left the trees at the highest elevations, but lower down many trees are either green or brown.  Here in the valley, leaves should be at peak but most are either refusing to turn or simply turn brown and drop. Out in California the fires burn and my thoughts are with all who are touched by them.

We live in a time when greed rules. This is certainly not the first time humans have lived through such periods; there is always and inevitably a correction. Sadly, those realignments usually come with a lot of suffering attached, and the most vulnerable get hurt by both the greed and the course correction.

I imagine that many of us took physical form in order to be of service during these difficult times. Probably most of us had hopes of averting the worst, of somehow helping to bring humanity, and ourselves, into balance as we were instructed by prophesy.  Now we find ourselves offering support and encouragement to others in a time of profound change and risk, even as we wonder just how difficult things will get.

Sometimes I feel so sad, or hopeless, or even just downright angry, that doing simple things like writing, making art, praying, or making ceremony go by the wayside. I find it easy to imagine that I have precious little to offer in the face of such madness. Luckily, at such times the animals often go out of their way to get my attention, to remind me that although things are bad, I am hardly alone. It is good to be encouraged to spend time with Pachamama and the spirits, and to remember that although much is dire, all this meanness is just an aberration, a blip in the vast timeline of the planet.

May you have times today, and in the days to come, when Grace touches you, and you settle into the beauty and safety of the moment. May you find yourself uplifted by the support of others, and moved by the beauty of the world. And when those moments come I hope you will share them with me.

11 thoughts on “May Grace Touch You

  1. The silence of the North Woods in fall, broken only by the call of a loon out on the lake and the scolding of a red squirrel, was restoration and grace for me for a week. The pace of trees, the non-judgement of a forest – these are grace as well.

  2. I love your description of the day as ‘grumpy’ Michael. And I also often feel that my efforts are too ‘small’ in the face of what is happening in the world. But the world itself gives us hope.

    1. Andrea, one of my favorite characters is Eeyore! And yes, grumpy is such a perfect word for describing some days! And yes, the world does give me hope as well; remembering that all of this is an expression of Life takes away a bit of the angst.

  3. I spent a 8 days at Kripalu (Lenox, MA), immersed in Forest Bathing and a weekend of poetry and wisdom by David Whyte. No internet, no news….it was very refreshing and deeply grounding. Still trying to figure out how to re-enter the madness and keeping my sanity intact. Thanks for your post.

    1. I think the madness will grow until it has reached as far as it can. Perhaps refusing to reenter is ta good strategy. Maybe we can each only do a few things, and encourage others to do so as well. I am reminded by my Taoist friends that the growth of evil contains its own demise.

    1. I was just reading about the London smogs. Breathing must never be taken for granted! (Of course, I am biased, having experienced needing to rely on the iron lung for each breath.) I am glad you went out, and protected yourselves! May the rains come soon!

  4. We need to use grace to support and lift each other up in moments of need. I love your post and I hope your days are filled with enjoying that grace that is so abundant to us. Great post!

  5. Good post, Michael. I have gone into a period of retreat, into focus on everything that is beautiful and right and good. Of course I have to keep myself informed of all that is going on in the world, but when I think about writing my mind goes into chaos and I feel the tears at the back of my eyes. To meet my need to do something for good, I am passionately and urgently knitting hats, averaging one a day, to take north when we return for the holidays. It is my alternative to being grumpy. 🙂

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