Audience in Shamanism and Narrative Therapy

Recently I sat down with a student and found myself engaged in a conversation about Audience. Audience was a central topic of conversation in Hong Kong and our artist workshops in Chennai as well. Audience is central to the work of both shamanism and Narrative Therapy. The student has been reading Number Our Days by … Continue reading Audience in Shamanism and Narrative Therapy

Challenging the Oppressors’ Language

This morning, I've been thinking about the Ecopsychology class I will be teaching this afternoon. I've also been considering the work I do with clients in my psychotherapy practice. The two have in common a concern with language. In both instances,  I am engaging others to work with me to free language from the control … Continue reading Challenging the Oppressors’ Language

Intrusions, Part 2: Narrative Therapy

The post is a continuation of the discussion begun in the previous post. I was lucky enough to spend several days, spread over several years, with groups listening to Michael White. Within those days glow a few alone times; ten minutes here, ten there.  Each of those alone time memories is rich with contact, humanity, … Continue reading Intrusions, Part 2: Narrative Therapy