In the Presence of Good People

Red_LeavesThis evening our neighborhood gathered for our yearly picnic. The evening was cool, the sunset golden, and the mosquitoes held off til deep twilight. The lake was perfectly still, deep blue, and just slightly reflective of the fiery clouds that lay atop the mountains. Around 7:30 the full moon rose over the hill and rooftops, accompanied by flocks of geese heading home to roost. Continue reading

Art and Ceremony

This past weekend was Art Hop, a massive gathering of artists and art lovers taking place in Burlington’s South End arts district. This year we showcased Jennie’s monoprints. Many of the over 700 people who came through our office stopped to chat about the work. We send a warm and grateful “Thank You!” to all who came.





Saturday, as part of Art Hop, we held a brief Ceremony of Remembrance for all people around the world impacted by the events of 9-11-01. Throughout the day visitors added candles and written prayers to the altar, and made prayer flags. Last night we put out the flags, and held a fire ritual to release the written prayers to the Creator and the Helping Ones.