Attachments, Symbiosis and Healing

It is crucial that any symbiosis involving entities alien's Self to the client be ended when the client wishes for this to be so. The question is how best to achieve that end. Given that each person, place, and attachment is unique, there is much to be said for taking the time to understand the history, desires, and needs of all the players, and for negotiating solutions that free and heal all.

Responsibility, Reparation, and Forgiveness

I often work with couples and families, and inevitably, they bring hurts to heal in our work together. The work of healing includes finding stories that allow for forgiveness without requiring  forgetting. A couple of weeks ago I chanced upon a blog post by Practical Narrative Therapy. The post was a discussion of forgiveness and … Continue reading Responsibility, Reparation, and Forgiveness

Ceremonies of Renewal

Today is one of those spectacular late winter days, where the sun sits high in the southern sky, just in the treetops, and light snow falls in large flakes. There is enough light through the thin clouds to cast shadows across the snow covered landscape. The seed in the bird feeder dwindles steadily as the … Continue reading Ceremonies of Renewal

Healing in It’s Own Time

So, I join with families to mine their histories for stories of resistance, generosity, and valor. Together, we build new histories of love, resilience, and caring. We may also create rituals, perform ceremonies, and dream together about that which was lost and may be found again. Such is the stuff of healing; may it sooth all who suffer.