Mothers Day

SunsetI just came in from planting in the garden. The day is chill and dark, more like mid-April than mid-May, and very much in keeping with spring as we have lately grown to know it.

This being Mothers’ Day I have been thinking about my mom, who was problematic, and feeling most grateful for my daughter’s mom, Annie, for Jennie, for my daughter, Sienna, and for our daughter-in-law, Ada, all of whom are exemplary moms.  I know they each feel underappreciated at times, and undoubted are. Being a mom is a seriously difficult task, one that deserves acknowledgement when done well.

So here is to the moms of the world who rise above their own struggles to nurture and raise, too often without adequate resources and support, the next generation!

Last weekend Jennie and I were at the annual Psychodrama conference; it was, as always, complex and engaging. Jennie and a colleague were responsible for the Diversity Forum that opens the conference, as well as for the concluding event. They worked doggedly on that project for many months and their labors brought much to the conference.

A small group of us had volunteered to perform Playback Theater at both events. Somehow, despite no real rehearsal time, we managed, having never worked together, to perform well. It became obvious during our one very brief rehearsal that I needed to be in a chair as my legs were tired and my balance way out of kilter. I have long resisted doing group improve from a seated position but Jennie insisted, and truth be known, it worked brilliantly.

Finally, this past Friday we attended a presentation by Laura Beres. Laura presented on her work with Narrative therapy, leaving us wishing we had been able to attend the Thursday section as well. To say that her presentation was compelling and inspiring would be a serious understatement. Laura left us excited to continue to extend Narrative ideas into community settings and we look forward to those new challenges.



6 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. Thanks so much for your kind comments about my presentation on narrative therapy. It was lovely to meet you and Jennie and I will look forward to future and further conversations!

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