Passover and Easter: The Promise of A New Day

Announcing A New DayToday is Easter, and tonight the third night of Passover. Today the sky is overcast. The weather is just warm enough for the cat to prefer outside to inside this morning, even though he has yet to have breakfast. The breeze is chill and the day feels raw.

The cardinals and finches are vocal this morning. “The feeder needs attention,” cry the chickadees. It’s Spring and Life rushes hungrily forward. “Feed us!” the birds urge. The farmers have taken advantage of the mild winter and dry spring to get an early start in the fields. Even with climate change, the fertile season in Vermont remains short.

Next Easter, we are scheduled to be traveling and teaching in India and Hong Kong. Jennie just returned from India and Bangladesh, and here we  are, planning a trip a year out!

Still, today we pause in our work to remember: Easter and Passover bear witness to the promise of Spring. They offer hope that through love and perseverance we may find our way out of the wilderness of winter and slavery, and be free. Easter suggests that even Death is just a door into a new life. Today we reminded that both Easter and Passover are inherently radical, proclaiming the immediacy of the Spirit, calling us to the task of attending to one another and the World, and insisting freedom for only some is enslavement for all. They announce that when any are tormented by poverty, tyranny, environmental degradation, genocide, or racism, we all suffer. Yet, Easter and Passover also point to a hope filled future, announcing, “Next year in Jerusalem! Next year in the Promised Land!”

2 thoughts on “Passover and Easter: The Promise of A New Day

  1. Ah, what a glorious weekend. The White Blanket (although not SO white this year!) has definitely been pulled back, and Pachamama has planted both feet on the floor. She stretched, yawned, and ambled across the carpet this weekend…perhaps a little stiff from her winter nap, but she sure didn’t waste any time once she got going!

    The trees are in bloom. The breeze seems to be losing its cold razor edge, and wind chimes seem to ring a little softer, somehow these days.

    A time of rebirth is at hand.

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