Our Cat’s Passing: Lessons in Aging and Death

Our beloved cat died this week. He had been ill for many years, somehow managing to find another life each time the vets had declared him finished. Then, this week, it became clear he would not survive his current illness. Further, he was in debilitating pain. We asked our vet to stop by and administer a fatal dose of meds. The house was awash in tears. Continue reading

14 Peruvian Shamans Murdered in Amazonia

This blog is dedicated to healers and the healing of individuals, families, communities, nations, and Mother Earth. More often than I like, I also report on harm done in the world. I do so because I believe naming injustice and brutality is part of bringing healing to the victims of such violence.

Friday night marked the beginning of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. We are told by the Rabbis and by healers and teachers in many First Nations faith traditions that we should atone each day for those harms we cause others and the Earth. Yom Kippur calls upon us to do so. Continue reading