Glenn Cove, An Update

Protect Glen Cove has posted urgent updates concerning the ongoing crisis on sacred ground at Glen Cove, in Vallejo, California. Native people, and others, have occupied the site, and may be evicted this weekend. The city of Vallejo appears to be moving forward with their plans to build a park on the site, desecrating sacred ground. Poignantly, these events are taking place on the weekend of Yom Hashoah, when we remember the Holocaust in Europe. Let us remember that acts of physical and cultural genocide continue here, in the United states, and elsewhere around the world.

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Notable Blogs: 4/14/2011

Spring is finally here! What a glorious day out! Of course, with warmth and rain, we get snow melt and flooding……

This edition of Notable Blogs notes recent posts about First Nations artists from varied disciplines, thoughts about being Native and Feminist, and the battle to save a sacred site in California.

Love Is Not An Orgasm posted a poem about the experience of being Metis (Mixed Blood). The poem is in French and English, highlighting the differences between two birthrights:

I am Métis

Ce n’est pas indiscret

It is not a secret

Ma mère était Ojibwe

My mother was Ojibwe

Mon père était français

My father was French

Moi, je suis métisse

I am Métis

Et je demande la lune

And I shoot for the moon Continue reading