Small News

Last evening we had a thunderstorm; I was working at the time so had little opportunity to experience or enjoy it. After the storm passed there was a superb display as the sunset illuminated the last of the trailing cumulonibus clouds over the lake. This morning new clouds are building over the mountains; although the … Continue reading Small News

Evening Snow

The flakes began to fall about an hour ago. Now the world is monochrome, dusk spreading across the landscape along with the intensifying snow. There is little wind and, unusually, the flakes fall straight down. We are told the wind will pick up overnight, making travel difficult at best. Our evening clients all cancelled or … Continue reading Evening Snow

Soothing Hungry Spirits

We have moved into the season of the spirits, including the Ancestors. True to form the past few days have been dark and chill. We've had enough rain to raise the rivers but perhaps not enough to replenish our greatly stressed aquifer. The news of the past many weeks has been grim and that has … Continue reading Soothing Hungry Spirits

Report from Vermont: Late August

A dramatic sky day with only a smidgen of rain, much less than was forecast. Now we are settling into a prematurely dark evening. Night comes earlier now as summer wanes. For those of us who are not yet ready for the growing darkness, the shortening days are challenging. While warm weather lingers, the sky … Continue reading Report from Vermont: Late August