The Week of The Turkey

We realized yesterday that we are only a few days from the autumn equinox. The weather is reflective of this, cool and dry, with sunny days and starlit nights. A few trees are showing color. Here is southern, coastal New England fall colors tend to be muted; this year with the deep drought they are tending towards brown.

This has been the week of the turkey. We’ve had an extended family group visiting most days to drink from our garden fountain. Usually there are two females and a several chicks of mixed ages. They do not fear us and act quite tame as long as we do not approach to close. Although they can be destructive to the garden, we much enjoy their presence and look forward to their visits.

Our thoughts are with everyone out West as you face the heat and fires. It is a sign of our out of balance times that our national leaders, and many local ones, refuse to connect the ongoing disaster with climate change. Watching from afar, we note that politicians seldom must face the heartbreaking reality of the conditions they create.

We find ourselves in an epoch when we are called to return to balance even as the world spins ever more out of kilter. There are innumerable invitations to fear and despair, and to find balance, creativity, and peace has become an act of resistance. As the equinox is a brief moment of balance in the rhythmic journey of the sun’s year, so our moments of returning to balance may be fleeting even as they  are invaluable. For mot of us, balance is the center we return to, knowing we will inevitably go off kilter again and again. It is useful to have a sense of humor about it.



5 thoughts on “The Week of The Turkey

  1. Balance is something we need.
    It’s not just the festivals-this Covid business has thrown everything out of kilter. My son has just returned to his primary school. After six months off, it doesn’t feel like he is starting his final year there. It’s more like his last year didn’t come to its natural close.

    1. Andy, re that is true as well. In addition many schools have gone online. Now there are concerns about flu and Covid together creating the conditions for another long lock down. Being a teacher or a student is challenging for sure.

      1. Yes more restrictions are being imposed on us here in the UK. People are getting a bit weary of it all, I don’t think we’ll ever take things for granted again.

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