Midsummer and Gratitude

Here we are at Midsummer. The shadows are deep and green. The fields are bursting with the brilliant colors of wildflowers. The intense heat of recent weeks has subsided for a time as a cooler air mass has settled in. Although we are just a few days into July,  the cool air has brought in the season’s first autumnal light.

Along with hints of Autumn, this week has produced the season’s first ripe tomatoes and green beans. The spinach has gone to seed, but the lettuce continues to grace our table with luscious salads. Green beans and tomatoes have made their way to the altar, as we give Gratitude to the Creator for the abundance of our garden and lives. Rather than wait for one day of Thanksgiving for the harvest, we try to acknowledge the arrival of each new food, beginning with maple syrup in the early Spring. Continue reading