Spoonful by spoonful

Cynthia Coleman writes often about the complexity of Native identity and of swimming between and within culture/s. Some of my teachers insisted I understand and “try on” Buddhist ways of experiencing the world. Later I found myself working with Buddhists and Hindus in Asia. It was only with the grace of conversations with these friends and colleagues that I began to perceive a thread of connection running through our ancient traditions. Like Cynthia my father used to teach via gardening and dining metaphors using stories and visuals that crossed cultures. By so doing, he taught me finding one’s way in our complex and challenging time is perhaps its own sacred dance.

Cynthia (Ištá Tȟó Tȟó) Coleman Emery's Blog

navajo spoon Calling myself a weekend Buddhist seems to fit.
I’m afraid to stray too far from my Indian upbringing.
And I’m afraid to commit to a single way of knowing.
Truth is, my spiritual upbringing was obscure: difficult to discern.

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