Report from Vermont: April Showers

We are well into April, and true to form, it has been a showery month. Between rain and snow melt, the rivers and lake are at low flood stage, and the lawns and fiends are a rich, happy green. We heard this week that even with the winter's abundant moisture our ground water supplies remain … Continue reading Report from Vermont: April Showers

Our Lives Are On Loan

A lovely morning, the sky streaked with cerulean blue and white, promising warmth. Later, thunder and colder. We live in a difficult moment, one filled with extinctions. In response, we raise our voices and demand change. There is hope yet, although hope must coexist with the very real threat that no one is listening. There … Continue reading Our Lives Are On Loan

What Would Jesus Do?

The afternoon turned sunny; now, a couple of hours before sunset, high, thin clouds have spread across the sky. The day's bright sun has brought unseasonably warm temperatures and snow melt. Somewhere close, I'm sure, someone is sugaring. Sugaring has long been a sacred, celebratory time here in the U.S. Northeast. It marks the last … Continue reading What Would Jesus Do?