Report from Vermont: Late August

A dramatic sky day with only a smidgen of rain, much less than was forecast. Now we are settling into a prematurely dark evening.

Night comes earlier now as summer wanes. For those of us who are not yet ready for the growing darkness, the shortening days are challenging.

While warm weather lingers, the sky has turned more autumnal and dense morning fog comes more frequently and lasts later into the day.

Here and there a leaf shouts out an early season red. Still, the woods remain deeply green, thick and lush given we are late in August. Our back yard bird bath continues active even as the mornings grow quiet. It is hard to believe that only a couple of weeks ago the early morning bird chorus was awakening us.

Las week we were on the coast of  Down East Maine where we noted the shorebirds already rafting up for migration. Even the loons seem to have begun their trip south; a few remained and their infrequent calls brought moments of grace to the rocky shore.

Next week is forecast to be warm before daytime temperatures take a late August tumble into the 60’s F. We will enjoy the fading heat and the first autumn chill.

5 thoughts on “Report from Vermont: Late August

  1. Beautiful reflections about the changing season, Michael. The drought here has finally ended, ushering in cooler days that grow dark ever earlier. It seems animals have been actively preparing for autumn earlier this year. Perhaps it was only due to the drought, but I guess I just need to wait patiently to see and deal with whatever comes.

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