Snow Day

After a few warm weeks we have snow. This is the third nor’easter in the past two weeks. Each time we have been on the periphery of the storm, yet we have managed to accrue several inches of sticky snow. It being now March, the snow usually melts away in a couple of days.

I have been away from the blog for a couple of weeks, as I recover from a viral infection that left me exhausted. For a while life consisted of work and sleep. Things were complicated further by multiple computer mishaps.

Jennie is on her way to Cairo where she will teach for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, for the first time in quite a few years, the weather created havoc for her trip. She was supposed to fly out of New York City but could not get of Burlington.  After much scrambling she found a flight to Cairo leaving from Montreal. I drove her to the border where a friend picked her up and whisked her into the city. Fortunately, all this occurred early in the storm so travel was reasonable.

March is a complex month here in Vermont. Some Marches feature little snow, others are brimming over with storms. Yesterday marked the anniversary of the blizzard of 1993, a landmark event. There have been other March blizzards, including the grandest of storms which took place in the 1880’s. This year, as has been the case of late, March seems determined to bring an extension of winter, one that may well linger into April.

We shall see, as the weather, as well as our overall climate, ha become increasingly unpredictable. For now, the snow falls heavily and I am home to enjoy it.


6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I visited my home state last week for a memorial service, and reveled in a profusion of cherry blossoms and daffodils. Still sad from the loss of an old friend, I flew back just ahead of a Nor’easter and two snow days in New England.

    I’m grateful for the heat coming from that March sun streaming through my windows, but the bitter weather now seems an even greater torment! I’m ready to welcome spring.

    1. Willo, I am sorry for your loss. Old friends are indeed precious. I guess in these days of unpredictable weather spring will come when it is ready. I will welcome the warmth. I find the cold difficult, even more so when sad.

  2. Sending my best wishes for a quick recovery, dear Michael, and hopes that you have milder weather soon despite the next nor’easter that may be headed your way. ❤

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