Ceremony and Autumn Light

We’ve arrived at that mythic time of year when the trees are devoid of leaves, and the sunlight, now always at a steep angle, seems to bring an inner glow to everything it touches. November here has been warm and sunny, both anomalous given the long-term averages. Indeed, it was our warmest October on record, as it was in most of the world, and November is on track for record warmth as well. Snow has been mostly absent, except at the highest elevations. We have enjoyed the long, sumptuous autumn.

Autumn_WoodLast weekend was one of contradictions. Saturday Jennie and I worked with a group of healers who were interested in integrating more Nature based work into their practices, then, on Sunday, we offered joyous ceremony for a one year old. In the background loomed events in Lebanon and our beloved Paris.

The ceremony took place near the top of a soft mountain, with a majestic view across the central Green Mountains and deep valleys. The sun was warm and inviting, although we were chilled to the bone by the strong breeze that blew over the meadow. That wind stopped almost as soon as the ceremony began, then returned when we finished, providing a welcome pause of 15-20 minutes.

We had invited the child’s family and friends to bring gifts, memories, and wishes for her. What a remarkable experience to witness them, one at a time, slowly come to her, offering their gifts. After speaking quietly to the child, most then placed an object in the strikingly beautiful memory box her father had created for her.

When the ceremony was over, family and friends gathered around the child and her parents. It was time for them to celebrate her birthday and the warmth and joy of relationship. They gathered, laughing, and conversing, creating a light of their own, a glow that shone brightly, illuminating the late autumn afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Ceremony and Autumn Light

  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate a kid Michael.
    Kids have an open gate to spirituality, which they keep until they become almost 10 years. Few are able to keep it open in the next years and then it is a choice, if they wish to work with spirituality, when they are grown up. This is my way to see it and you have given the kid a large gift, which should help staying awake for many years.
    The weather has been warm all over until now, where the winter is knocking on the doors many places. In Europe there are early snow many places and it seems like the winter is here now after a very short and warm autumn.

    1. Irene, I hope we are able to give the gift of staying open to the spirits and world.

      Here it is still very warm. We will likely have yet another month of record shattering warmth. It is sad and very disconcerting.

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