Moccasin Tracks Radio Podcast

SunsetAutumn is slowly unfurling across the landscape.  After a record warm September the weather has turned cool and damp. I found myself wearing a winter jacket to farmers’ market, and still being cold.

Here is the Podcast from last week’s visit to Moccasin Tracks Radio:


2 thoughts on “Moccasin Tracks Radio Podcast

  1. Fascinating conversation about identity, Coyote, Windigos, and gratitude. Thank you for sharing this podcast, Michael. (And I like your phrase for describing the descendants of European immigrants – “settler culture.”)

    1. Carol, I’m not sure where that phrase came from. Still, it is very useful, all around the world. I’ve seen it in writing from the Pacific, South Africa, eh Middle East, and the Americas. It is descriptive of one way of being in the world.

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