Shimmering world

Lake_SunsetYesterday was cloudy and damp, one of those days when spring and winter touch. The air was moist, although not warm, the day a bit foggy as the damp breeze touched the remaining snow. Watching, and feeling, this moment of transition brought to mind another way of being in the world, the path of, as David Abrams called it, the sensuous. So we stopped for a moment and let ourselves join that dancing space between winter and spring, warmth and snow.

How wonderful, as an adult, to extend our senses into the world, entwining our awareness with a tree, storm, or river, welcoming experiences which defy words! Unforgettable: the awakening world within one’s body, the love dance of the osprey, the gyring of the seasons!

Yesterday, I was reminded that, in the thin space, a few molecules in width, between the soft, female, spring mist and the crusted snow, the world shimmers, vibrant and alive. How joyous to feel at one with the Earth, shimmering, trembling, and alive! No wonder the Inuit shaman sang, “Joy! Joy! Joy!” No wonder the trees dance the cycling seasons!


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