DespachoAs I sit down to write, a thunderstorm hangs on the horizon. Slowly the mountains fade from view, and the rain and the lake become indivisible.

Its tea time, and the pot is on the stove. Now the rain, not yet heavy has overtaken the house. Now, the rain has quickened, soon to be torrential.

Sunday we were graced with the presence of friends as we conducted ceremony for Pachamama, and those in peril around the world. Those in the circle spoke about their concerns for the Earth, and their wish to make the world safe for all beings. The elders spoke about long lives spent holding a dream of peace, the healing of Native communities, and environmental wholeness. The young ones spoke about the weight of the future, and their commitment to healing. Some folks were physically present, while others joined us in spirit,  some from great distances.

As  we prepared for the ceremony, the spirits and Ancestors were felt presences. They were also presence in the faces of the elders. One elder had just returned from a long weekend at a powwow. She, a spokesperson for the women’s lodges and the four leggeds, spoke of the tension created by the mistreatment of animals at the powwow, and the tact and empathy that was shown in addressing the problem. She also discussed the challenges of balancing the need to photograph some aspects of ceremony, so that those unable to attend might feel included, and the need to restrict photography in order to keep ceremony sacred.

Others talked about their journeys through the world, and the necessity of doing what they could to maintain an open, receptive heart. Some spoke to the challenges and blessings of being Native, others of the difficulties of their lives. Each person in the circle, made of people from diverse ethnicity and beliefs, acknowledged the suffering of the many who live in danger and fear around the world.

As we worked together on the Despacho, our visual prayer to Mother Earth, one elder sang a healing song, others drummed, attuning our hearts to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. With each added element, we wove together our  prayers for healing.

Now the storm has lessened. The mountains have reappeared across the bay. As the evening approaches, we acknowledge the courage and determination of all who hold the vision of the Great Hoop repaired. May that dream soon find fruition in the world.


4 thoughts on “Ceremony

  1. Reblogged this on Fireside Witch and commented:
    Dearest Michael, I love the way you ‘dream’ your intent into the world. You make it very easy for me to feel the energy of the ritual you performed and therefore add my own intent towards it. Namaste. Kayla

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