Winter-Sunset.jpgThere is a sense of anxiety in the air. The pace of change is quickening. Something is afoot.

A young man asks, “What is this? What is happening?” Someone throws another log on the fire. Winter has settled in, yet below the frozen surface the waters are rushing. Psyche is edgy.

“There is a solar reversal coming,” says one. “Pachamama wakes,” says another. “So many people are asking for aid!” adds a third.

This is a sacred time in Northern climes, an ancient space of mystery. Somehow, even in the midst of the mercantile wildness asserts itself. Through tiny cracks in an indifferent culture Nature creeps, offering solace to some, unsettling others.

As we breathlessly await Santa and his heaps of gifts, his almost unimaginable contribution to the world economy, the Mythic slips in, perhaps assuming the form of Saint Nicholas, tough, edgy, determined, barrel of cold water at hand to quell lust and avarice. The carols we sing float atop deep rivers of desperate hope. “Buy!” we are told. “Care and aid,” demands the good saint. “Wake up,” whispers Pachamama.

Even the birds demand our attention, breaking their rules of distance to stand before us and invite awe. “What do they want?” a woman asks. “Why do they come here?” echoes another. Hundreds of them, hovering before doors, filling the bushes through which we walk, inserting themselves into our dimmed awareness.

Surely something is at hand. Do you hear the ringing of bells? The songs of stars? Do you feel Mother Earth’s heart beating within you and in the larger world? What is afoot? Who will be become?

10 thoughts on “Quickening

  1. Yes.
    These days I am taking photos of deer looking in my basement window, and listening to voices of birds who are willing to come close and talk to me. December, in a snow storm, I was born (or so I am told…I don’t remember). To the song and soul of nature, I love to listen.

  2. I loved this post, it brought a big smile to my face and for a whole host of reasons, very big thank you for sharing, I wonder how many will ponder your questions though? Sincere regards, Barry

  3. So glad you wrote about this Michael. Here in the Southern hemisphere around this time, the heat and humidity settle down upon us. I was cranky as a bear with a sore head. I was feeling the tension, edgy for sure. The birds are coming close to feed on my plants, steal my berries, to feed their families.

    And now I’m feeling the energy change as we get a reprieve from the heat. We always get a cool change around Christmas Eve, so that Christmas Day is rarely hot. Sometimes it rains. The cicadas are pulsing, in a different way to when it is hot. There’s a spiritual energy that comes in after the heat, tension, and edginess. I’m now walking the earth more, noticing the plants, birds, and insects, looking for signs. There’s a calm,

    1. Some day I’ll visit Australia, maybe. May that ease continue and build as you move towards the cool of the year. Here we are at the end of the ice storm. Somehow folks have kept their sense of humor through all of it! Getting anywhere is best accomplished on skates.

  4. That’s an interesting and foreign concept – wearing skates to get around. I’ve never had to do that.

    Although the heat eases around Christmas Day, it returns soon after. February is our hottest month usually. We have already had the bushfires come through, in October. They destroyed 200 homes on the next ridge over from us. We were lucky this time. Now they have come through we can rest a bit easier (but not be completely complacent) this Summer.

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